Although the style has evolved, the songs are still very much about love. English 1 2 Italian Romanian Transliteration. Unconventional funeral songs Songs that deal with death in a way that’s unconventional, inconvenient, funny, English 1 2 3 Italian Russian. Male to Persian Shenasnameh.

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The Epoch of Romanticism. Login or register to post comments.

Kamran & Hooman

It was really important to us to connect to our roots. Nemidoonam chera Persian Shenasnameh. They personally check their Facebook page. Although the style has evolved, the songs are still very much about love. Listen to gems from the s, s, and more.

Kamran & Hooman – Wikipedia

Their music has remained timeless. Anti-Christmas songs Insulent songs for people risking snenasnameh from Christmas sickly-sweetness. They spend half the time talking about how important their fans are to them and how grateful they are for the people who have helped make this album.


Their concerts kamran hooman shenasnameh sell out, and even faster since the release of the album. When asked what their favorite songs are on the album, they said it was hard to choose. But the songs on Shenasnameh are exclusively in Farsi.

Shenasnameh album is available for download on iTunes and Avang. Login Registration Sign Homan. Lyrics Translations Requests 20 Persian Since the release of 20the guys have been busy.

The guys are able to make music for the adoring young kamran hooman shenasnameh, and also expand their audience. Man age nabasham Persian. Atheist songs Songs about atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, secularism, You can keep in touch with Kamran and Hooman through their website KamranHooman.

Add new song Add new translation Add new request. They are working with a few well-known American producers. English Italian Kurdish Sorani. English German Italian Turkish.

I ask them about a crossover album, since kamarn speak fluent English and did so during our conversation, as well as French. English 1 2 3 Italian Russian. In fact, after December, they plan to release a video almost monthly.


Your browser does not support the ehenasnameh element. Recorded at Sonic Dezine in Valencia, and studios in Hollywood, the album had a buzz since day one. English 1 2 Italian Romanian Transliteration. Anime Songs in a Foreign Language List of various different songs in foreign languages used in anime. Oon ba man Persian Bist. kamran hooman shenasnameh


English 1 2 Italian Romanian Russian. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Fereshteye Nejat Persian Shenasnameh.

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