Monday, 23 June Sprinkle blessings on Muhammad, our Prophet, and his Family such blessings by means of which Thou may relieve us of all worries and calamities. One should make it a habit to recite this Durood Shareef for at least one hundred times daily so that one will be able to see the results of the recitation in this world and in the Hereafter. His status is eleated by 5 times. Thus, this Durood Shareef should be recited by every Muslim permanently.

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May Thy honor and peace rest upon Hazrat Muhammad, our Master and our benefactor, the Wearer of Holy Cap, the one who scale the Heavens, the rider of the Heavenly Steed and holder of the Flag of Divine Unity, the remover of d disaster, epidemic, starvation, disease, and pain.

Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Wa Moulana Muhammad

Thus, this Durood Shareef should be recited by every Muslim permanently. He is the sun of the glorious morning light, and the full beautiful moon of the dark night, the chief occupant of the highest allahumma salli ala sayyidina wa moulana muhammad in Heaven, light of guidance, refuge for the creatures, and lamp in the darkness.

Reciting maximum number of Daruud kills all deprivation. May Allah shower His blessings on Muhammad the best of all that and on the successor of Muhammad, on the Companions of Muhammad, on the friends of Muhammad, and on all his family members, O! The intercession of Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam will be compulsory on him.

If a Daruud is written in a book by some person, the Angels of The Allah shower blessings on him untill the Daruud remains in that book. Almighty Allah will be pleased with him in such a way that he will never be displeased.

Verily, thou art the Praiseworthy and the Magnificent”.

This is the highest Durood Shareef and if recited after every prayer and in every prayer, it brings a great deal of reward. Any one who recites Daruud Pak is just as one who purchased a slave and releases him.

Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Wa Maulana Muhammadin by Tahir Qadri – video dailymotion

Almighty Allah will be pleased with him in such a way that he will allahumma salli ala sayyidina wa moulana muhammad be displeased. We are the slaves of Muhammad, may mercy and blessings be upon him and Salaams”. Shower peace upon our Chief Muhammad and endow him with the means and high status in Heaven”. Reciting Daruud Shareef removes poverty, problems and hunger. When it is recited, Allah showers His blessings on sslli deceased.


Send Your Mercy and Blessings upon our master Muhammad and upon the family of our master as You love and like for him”.

Therefore, O lovers of light and beauty of Hazrat Muhammad, invoke blessings on him and salute him with worthy salutations. He will leave this world with Imaan. Send blessings upon Muhammad and upon his family the mercy which will be for You a pleasure of fulfilment of Your Right and grant him Wasila and the highest position which You promised him and reward him from aklahumma what his is according to his status and reward him from us the highest what You rewarded any Prophet, any Messenger, from his Ummat and send Your blessings for all his brothers from the Messengers and pious people”.

The Heavenly Steed is his conveyance and the glorious ascension to Heavens to meet his Allah is his last station in his march onwards, his object is to come in the closest company of his Allah, and this object was successfully achieved sall point of destination reached and the goal covered.

The most selected favours on the Spirit of Muhammad amongst all persons, on the name of Muhammad amongst all names, on the heart of Muhammad amongst all hearts. On the Day of Qayamah, he will be amongst the Shuhadaa Martyrs.

Imam Ahmed Raza Academy | Durood and Supplications | More Duroods

For every time when Daruud Satyidina is recite by you, 10 sins are forgiven, 10 good deeds are entered into your account of actions and 10 position are raised. Fall your favors and rest on Muhammad, our Master, and on his Family and his Partner according to the number of every single word in Quran and let each letter carry thousands of blessings and tribute in it”. He will see the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam in his dream.


On the Day of Qiyaamah, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam mjhammad shake hands with him. For the sanctity of the soul, one should recite the Durood seven times after Salaatul Fajr, three times after Salaatul Asr and Esha, each day.

If the name of The Hazrat Muhammad SAW is mentioned in front of someone and one who hears it but does he does not recite Daruud Shareef, believe that he has forgotten the path to Paradise. Shower thy blessings on our Chief, Muhammad, whose light was made before anything else in this world and whose appearance became grateful and signal boon for all the creatures, equal to all those created before and hereafter equal in number with the lucky and unlucky ones; and send thy blessing and bounties on him in the number which is not possible allahumma salli ala sayyidina wa moulana muhammad be counted even, and which may be fall all over, and also that greatness and mercy which has neither start nor end, and which is always fresh, pure and fine moulama your kindness, and the same blessings on his Family and Co-workers permanently”.

His status is eleated by 5 times.

Darood Shareef

May Thy Grace be on Muhammad and on the House of Muhammad in a number equal to a million fold of each atom that is created by Thee and Thy blessings be, Thy peace on him”. The name “Da’im” means “permanent”.

People will have love in their hearts for him.

On the Day of Qiyaamah, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam will shake hands with him. Shower Thy blessings and Grace on Muhammad, Thy creature and Thy Messenger, and shower gifts on all men of believe and women of believe, and Muslim men and Muslim women”.

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