Originally Posted by vitalker Well, it was the last version. I can only find 1. I have tried 1. If it’s not working in cakewalk either, it must be the “free giveaway” causing issue. If so I’d be grateful for your advice. There’s no mention of an FX version in the manual, and I think I remember reading a review of the synth that was disappointed by the lack of the FX version. Originally Posted by vitalker.

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By the way, I got the z3ta+.sll key from a giveaway. Same here, z3ta works for me in Reaper The problem seems z3ta+.dll be when I look in the old version z3ta VST plugins folder z3ta+.xll has 3 files: Originally Posted by Jessinator I can only find 1.

Originally Posted by Jessinator. Downloads for everything are still there if you was registered and updated the account around After de-installation, z3ta+.dll section was removed from the registry. Thanks for the above replies. User Control Panel Log out.

Originally Z3ta+.dll by EvilDragon Did you try to remove that line from vstplugins.


z3ta+ as a VST FX plug-in: problem | Cakewalk Forums

It was something with my system Windows 10 user. Bigdogs Max Output Z3ta+.dll If someone needs to make a whole copy of Windows 10,8,7, z3ta+.dll XP user, use Transwiz. View More Photo Galleries. Multiple keyboards and modules, software synths. It could be stored in different folder. Send a private message to Jessinator. Go to the plug-in manager, click on the plugin and click properties.

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z3ta+ 2.1 as a VST FX plug-in: problem

Send a private message to vitalker. If you own z3ta+.dll Sonar Platinum version, probably you can install it as “Platinum Instrument Collection” without installing Sonar itself using CCC If you own older versions, as I remember installing plug-ins separately can be more complicated.

If it’s not working in cakewalk either, it must be the “free z3ta+.dll causing issue. Anyone know, how to fix my current one, because it is impossible to copy settings between users?

But, if that file name really does have two dots in it instead of the first being an underscore, as it appears in your message, that could be the problem. AUpdate and it works for me. Originally Posted by poetnprophet. But the really confusing part is what I see in Sonar when I right-click on an effects bin this is in the console view for z3ta+.dll instrument track. Did you try to remove that line from vstplugins. The z3ta+.dll is just bringing up the effects window for the z3ta+.dll.


I always had it as a part of Cakewalk bundle, not a separate plug-in. Don’t know how it got there, or that it z3ta+.dll even possible to move things into a list where they wouldn’t function.

Find More Posts by poetnprophet. It is inside one big z3ta+.dll with Platinum instruments. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Can it be fixed? I can only find 1.

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