A classic flanger effect, mixing the input signal against a variable time-delayed version of itself. A versatile delay module with with discrete channel controls for creating time-based effects. The default path is: Over 80 high-quality FX including algorithmic and convolution reverbs, delays, modeled filters, distortions, dynamics processors, analyzers, multi-fx and more. Script Processors are custom Events which allow Falcon’s functionality to be extended with the Lua language.

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UVI’s rich heritage of effect design is in full force with sophisticated delays, versatile reverbs including uvi soundbank Sparkverb algorithm and an optimized convolution reverbcompressors, vinyl, reamping effects and more. It’s an “everything AND the kitchen sink” instrument. Step 3 – Download Your Soundbanks.

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DRUNK Generates a random walk signal which simulates the natural randomness of pitch and amplitude drift found in sustained notes. With dozens sounsbank choices ranging from orchestral instruments to vintage synths, you can immediately expand Falcon to complement your style.

Modulation generators can be instanced at any level in a patch allowing them to control nearly any parameter, be it on an oscillator, effect or even on another modulator. Enhance your Falcon experience immediately with one of our premium instruments like CS-Mor grab Mayhem of Loops for a massive fuel injection uvi soundbank your new sampling workstation. A classic uvi soundbank filter module. A number of locations are available from the download source menu. Ufi unique filter inspired the filter section on a popular Japanese analog uci.


Phasor, a variable order automatic phaser [1. TheMaartian Max Output Level: Modulate the Wave Index to sweep through wavetables which can be chosen from a large selection of factory content. Load any Script Processor and click the ‘Edit Soundbanl button to take a look at how they sounbank.

The most efficient of all filters by far. A versatile algorithmic reverb capable of producing an extremely broad uvi soundbank of spaces with a minimal control footprint. Walker Realistic and customizable footstep sounds for uvi soundbank, video and post-production.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Devinity Expand Falcon with masterfully-designed presets.


EDIT The central columns EDIT tab provides a comprehensive visual representation of your entire instrument split into varying levels of detail from the Program instrument level all the way down to the keygroup note level. Create a directory and move soundbamk soundbanks to it. Thanks, all nice and easy! Effortless create chords with the Tonal Uvi soundbank, trigger sophisticated note sequences with Step Line or script your own processors to extend Falcon’s functionality any way you need it.


Frequency uvi soundbank mapped across the X-axis, amplitude along the Y-axis. Step 3 – Activate Your License.

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The Mother of all Plugins. Includes pulse width modulation, sync control and a robust unison section supporting phase, tuning and spread control on up uvi soundbank 8 voices. Voucher code delivered by email after registering Falcon.

Sound design beast” — MuffWiggler, Gearslutz. East of Santa Monica Status: Create variation over time or on demand, drive your oscillators, effects or even other modulators, then add the most important parameters to the macro panel for clear and intuitive performance control. A time-delayed version of the input signal is fed back into self and added or subtracted.

Dynamic shapes provide additional control such as Static Density and Uvi soundbank Chaos. My next DAW will have 2 or more drives.

Subculture Expand Falcon with subs, stabs, atmospheres, FX and more. Slices the incoming audio on a variable grid.

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