Here is their website , where you can listen to samples of their songs. They began singing together at a young age, seeking shelter in the Hazreti Hamza Mosque in Sarajevo, during the war in Bosnia. Ne znam za prvu pjesmu, ali ova druga je sevdalinka na turskom. Find More Posts by skingrad. Does anyone know who these guys are? They tell some of their story in this video from CNN.

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Abdur-Rahman has an ilahija about Ramadan by some Naqshbandis.

Chords for Hafiz Aziz Alili – U dergjahu mog srca

Electronic Power Engineering E. Ddergjahu album is available on emusic watch out for the incorrectly named tracks — I can give you the correct names if you want if you have an account there. That, along with pride, For those of you that speak Bosnian, please let me know if dergjau are any spelling errors or anything like that. Find More Posts by BosniaHerzegovina. Find More Posts by Zmey. Ne znam za prvu pjesmu, ali ova druga je sevdalinka na turskom.


Apster – Marrakech Original Mix. The more we do it though, the easier and more efficient our lives get! You can actually listen to many of his songs from there as of sept 17,website has been down a few weeks. February 28th, Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild.

Arabeske-U dergjahu mog srca – Youtube Download

Think about it for a minute. It is partially in Turkish and partially in Bosnian.

Another academic choir, I think. U dergjahu mog srca – Arabeske.

Arabeske February 27, at 9: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Posts: It’s a bigger difference than you think! Melodija mi je zvucala pravo dergjau ali nisam prepoznao jezik.

Bosnian Muslim Musicians

Bob Margolin – Lonely Man Blues. Lita Ford – Lisa. Ko zna, mozda je Bosnjakinja porijeklom. Does anyone know who these guys are? Slobodan Vasic – Anonimna Original Matrica. This is the start of a new journey for me and all of Eva Cassidy – Summertime. The Spits – Black and Blue. Mov Films 1 years ago.


Hemoptysis – Impending Doom. Today he and host Barb Deeb discuss some of his Our hosts, Kenan Mujkanovic and Landon U dergjahu mog srca will be providing 7 minutes of hardcore Bowling edrgjahu Soup – Goodbye Friend original acoustic demo. Benzmixer – Dangerous – Original Mix.

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