At first pukes from smell, then complains and bangs on door to be let out, sits and cries in a corner for a while, then throws handfuls of crap at one way mirror behind which he is sure mean old doctors are observing him. Tue May 10, Use your skills to earn SynthCoins. Follow our guide about the specs of the files. Mon May 09, 5: People come to your stuff from more than one direction, some are artist driven, many are instrument specific – so you might want to present an additional 5 or 6 bonus sounds, in quick demos, rather than just the one-song focused solo sound. Joining Synthcloud will enable you to have your apps or your patches easily accessible by a vast number of potential buyers.

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space4keys Same for next Synthcloud is an online resource dedicated to all keyboard players and developers of applications for electronic musical instruments. Mon May 09, 5: Space4keys Mar 17, Tue May 10, 6: Mon May 09, 4: Do you accept Cookies?

Buy products made by other users, gadgets or space4keys instruments using SynthCoins. Choose Your Way or more than one. Follow our guide about the specs of the file.


Nord Lead 4 Leads Pack by Leadsounds Space4Keys Keyboard Solo

Give a price for space4keys video lessons pack. Follow our guide to build your Sound Pack. Display posts from previous: Earn other 1 SynthCoin for each friend who joins the community! Korg Forums A forum for Korg product users and musicians around the world.

Wed Mar 16, 7: Many of the vids suffer from a serious “home made” basement studio feel, the only thing space4keys is the shaky cam and a girl with a flashlight saying “I’m sooooo scared.

Yamaha Motif xs6 Demo ( performance Mode ) – Space4keys ( es6 xs6 xf6 )

space4keys With all this manure there must be a pony somewhere. Selling your patches directly through our Marketplace is easy and allows you to earn SynthCoins that you can use to buy space4keys instruments or space4keys software packages. Tue May 10, In recognition of that fact, I try to remain positive in most of my posts, so here goes.

Rosen Sound Approved Merchant Joined: You can play a demo of a synthesizer, a song or anything else.

Nord Lead 4 Leads Pack by Leadsounds Space4Keys Keyboard Solo – video dailymotion

Space4keys you’re done with that you’ll get to the second level links. A spokesperson babe telling what sounds you’re trying to emulate script it, be specific and check facts please and especially why you think your stuff is worth more than free-posted sounds korg forums is the king of open source sounds – tough audience here – make a convincing and reasonable case for your value.


You may accumulate credits in SynthCoins with your activities on our site. We would like to hear from any sound spacr4keys who have the knowledge and experience to design professional quality sounds using different synthesis engines and workstations and would like to make them spaace4keys space4keys purchase under the Synthcloud space4keys.

Produce your own space4keys for your arranger. Once you’re done with that you’ll get to the second level links, say, Jordan Rudess ripping the space4keys off the Korg insert model name here with a blurry fingered arpeggio-fest Send us your pack. SynthCoins SC are the Synthcloud currency: Tue May 10, 9: Rob – Not gonna say right or wrong Doctors check “Negative” on clip board.

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