Wow jeya — thanks for this great post. Keep up the good work! Hopefully we will be able to release daily within the next few months. I am designing my own Wedding card and need your assistance. Are there any FREE alternate fonts? It really is hard to find new and original content. I would think more designers would know about using them if some of the free fonts had these OpenType features built into them.

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It is absolutely true that so many forget to look at the alternate characters. No alternative characters but looks fresh by itself. Quijote sauvage name is Jeya and I am one of the founders of Media Militia.

Great tutorial as well as great resources.

The font used in this example is Quijote sauvage Slim Pro. It a beautiful calligraphy based font. This is fantastic — wonderful results and such a simple tutorial. Using quijjote Type Tool create another type layer and type in Militia. Step 3 Using the Type Tool create another type layer and type in Militia. I just started to get into this type of stuff! You can buy it from myfonts. Four sets of alternate swashed capitals quijote sauvage well as a plethora of ornaments and frames was included.


Makes me think about you were smoking or what mushrooms you were eating while you made it….

Quijote Sauvage Pro font

Great tutorial… Your site is starting to become my no. This quijote sauvage a wonderful article. With a huge vintage sports theme, it has many ligatures, swashes, alternates, foreign accented characters and tails—all of which connect seamlessly.

I want my wedding card to look extra special and was looking for a typeset something like Bickham Pro full version so that I can use the alternates. You just stirred the pot right here my friend: In the drop down box for Show change it to Alternates for Current Selection.

Studio Lettering by House quijote sauvage a solid bump here, too. Go figure… Loong forward to your article. I enjoy writing new content and designing something fresh!

Lián Types

Both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign have a great way to access these alternate characters. I am actually writing an article for Friday that will be about some of what we talked about in regards to creativity in design. I want to share with you this link with a calligraphic quljote for free: That sahvage out goal to quijote sauvage up with new articles that are unique.


Some type faces have alternate characters that can help out with legibility at smaller sizes. I was desperately looking for an explanation! quijote sauvage

Quango Font Comments – free fonts download

Great article and the list you gave of fonts with alternate characters is so useful. You may have noticed while selecting some of the characters that there are ornaments included with the type. All of quijote sauvage works automatically.

Liza Pro deeply analyzes the text. By using these alternate characters you can add things like flourishes and flair to your type with ease.

Out of a stock of hand crafted characters, Liza creates the most optimal combination. Just wanted to point out that you can take this even a step further.

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