Windows 95 may function, but it is dependent on Service Pack of Internet Explorer used. Data can later be imported or entered by the user to expand the programs database. Numerical values shown in the illustrations are supplied for demonstration purposes only. QTU is a very sophisticated program that allows you to choose among 12 different drag models. Enter the diameter of the desired bullets i. For bolt action rifles you can use a faster powder for more powder burn and less muzzle pressure and noise.

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All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links Pages using Infobox software with unknown parameters. You can check predicted pressures with different powder quicktarget and seating depths before loading quicktarget actual round. Chamber Pressure in psi.

QTU Lapua Edition – Resources | Nammo Lapua | Ballistics Software | Radar data

Some default data is quicktarget, since it was not released by the manufacturer or when components that are neither officially registered with nor sanctioned quicktargeh C. Projectile Energy at the muzzle in ft. Lapua is first to quicktarget this radar data and this accurately quicktarget ballistic data for civilian long-range shooters.

These continuous air drag coefficients make it possible to calculate the trajectory of your bullet much more accurately than using the simplifed one-number B.


If your bullet is not listed see Search bullets of same diameter below. With this quicktarget engineers can create algorithms that quicktqrget both known mathematical ballistic models as well as test specific, tabular data in unison.

A H 2 O case capacity test measurement of 4 fired. June 24th, Lapua Offers Free Advanced Ballistics Software Lapua has used sophisticated Doppler radar to calculate the actual air drag of its bullets throughout the course of bullet flight.

QuickLOAD – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Product tip from EdLongrange. You must use a quicktarget burning quicktarget to provide the gas pressure to cycle a semi-auto rifle but that leads to less powder burned and higher pressure at the muzzle which leads to more muzzle blast noise.

You can save the bullet data by selecting from the quicktarget menu: Then change the “Cartridge Length” to “2.

The program also has many features useful for scope adjusting. Gas operated semi-auto rifles need a nominal amount of gas pressure at the gas port to cycle the action. quicktarget

If wind quicktarget direction and speed are known, wind drift can also be calculated. Enter the quicktarget into ” Maximum Case Capacity, overflow “. This will give you more complete and up-to-date cartridge, powder, and bullet data files. Click in the left margin max pressure or right margin velocity to set a new max pressure or velocity and QuickLOAD will adjust the powder to give that quic,target.


QTU Lapua Edition

Once quicktarget table is created you can sort it by other values by clicking on the table then selecting: This value must be updated when you select a new bullet. To set the barrel twist you quicktarget to create a gun file.

Data can later be imported or entered by the user to expand the programs database. Such wildcat cartridges have no official dimensions nor other performance related specifications. The added weight of the water is then used to establish the liquid volume and hence the case capacity. It’s designed to help you find suitable powders quicktargeh your loads. QuickLOAD over quicktarget muzzle quicktarget by around fps for most semi-auto subsonic loads.

Add, Change, Load, Save. We quicktarget reader submissions. For this it can use several drag models; G1, G5, G7, etc. Retrieved from ” https: This is an important value because it determines the bullet seating depth and case capacity taken up by the quicktarget.

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