I love your mind and your attitude. Maithil Lakhia In that case, how about giving some “creative” suggestions boss? The climax of this iconic film was shot in Limdi town, 90 km from Ahmedabad[8]. Realizing his blunder, he clarified that the unit were looking for a foreigner to feature in an Indian movie. Thank you, Lavanya ji. Your new post is loading The adlib wherein Lata sounds like a dew drop in fresh misty air is supported by the crispy, chirpy voice of Asha.

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Simply Speechless after read it.!!!! Lek Ladaki Ya Gharachi. Ni Sa Ga ma Pa Ni. I do not know of any other song in HFM where Sancahari has been put to a better use than here, only Sir Salil can do it, thanks a lot Rashmin Sumg – Rashmin Bhai, for this meethi fuhaar of suron ki bahaar, there can be no better way to start the day!!

Pasaydan i gyaneshwarancha mangeshkkar haripath i anuradha paudwal This video and mp3 song of Pasaydan i pqsaydan sampoorn haripath i anuradha paudwal is published by T-Series Marathi on 05 Jan Khantha Mahadevan I cannot read comments about this song without recalling Ritu’s precious vignettes. It is one of those songs which makes you stop and take notice, and applaud! Cine Manthan A Journey! Lajo Gupta, I feel blessed to be a part of this family.


लता मंगेशकर | Lata Mangeshkar | आठवणीतली गाणी | Aathavanitli Gani | Marathi songs lyrics online

Veena Pathak You posted the link as well, which is great Maithil. Tujhe Dole Panyane Bharale. This is what singing together is! Enjoy and hope this brings some nostalgia to some of us Jay Dev Jay Shivraya.

Pasaydan Lata Mangeshkar Marathi Mp3 Song Lata Mangeshkar Pasaydan

Paha Takale Pusuni Dole. Pahiles Tu Aikiles Tu. Sangeeta Gupta Love this song. Akilesh Srivastav Excellent post Sir. Jai Ho – Arun Mudgal. Akilesh Srivastav God has created all human beings equally.

The biggest joy comes from the high one feels on achieving dreams.

Dnyaneshwar Mauli Abhang Mp3

Thank you for your kind comment, Khantha -ji! Shamshad ji is one of the best performers to convey this emtion. They mangeshkae there around when I was in the cradle, they had their existence embarked on my mother’s lips when I was in her lap, they were my playmates when I was growing up, my adolescence was accompanied by the froth and frolic of their divine voices, the sad moments went by leaving me with soothing calmness when theses two voices came floating by.


Chitra Tujhe He Sajeev. What a sweet melody.

Avaj sant dnyaneshwar pasayadan video & mp3 songs.

Vadal Vara Sutala Go. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, Shyam!

Fast Download Pasayadaana lata mangeshkar gyaneshwar mauli This video and mp3 song of Pasayadaana lata mangeshkar gyaneshwar mauli is published by 9sach on 01 May Manoj Tripathi Another Lata ji gem from Film: How do I publish content on my topic?

Gajendra Khanna I also wonder who it would have been picturised on! Great to see this song Shreeda Doctor Nice one Hasata Mi Hasasi Ka.

Mona Vijaykar haha the lyrics are so cute Movie is Ajeeb Ladki.

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