Due to an increased residence time it enhances absorption and hence the therapeutic efficacy of the drug Rapid absorption because of enormous blood supply and good blood flow rates increase in drug bioavailability due to first pass metabolism avoidance Drug is protected from degradation in the acidic environment in the GIT Improved patient compliance- ease of drug administration faster onset of action is achieved due to mucosal surface Examples of these include intranasal vaccines against influenza, diphtheria, and tetanus. Fg90 Chitosan as a new polymer for metronidazole mucoadhesive tablets for vaginal administration. Conventional delivery methods are not ideal. Increase in compression force resulted in a decreased in vitro and in vivo drug release while giving the best in vivo mucoadhesive and hydration time. The presence of free thiol groups in the polymeric skeleton helps in the formation of disulphide bonds with that of the cysteine-rich sub-domains present in mucin which can substantially improve the mucoadhesive properties of the polymers e. Development and characterisation of a moisture-activated bioadhesive drug delivery system for percutaneous local anaesthesia.

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This results in the establishment of the electrical double layer at the interface and a series of attractive forces responsible for maintaining contact between the two layers. Devices Several laminated devices have been developed to achieve sustained drug release.

Published by Makayla Lambirth Modified over 3 years ago. Gastrointestinal Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems Oral route is undoubtedly most favored route of administration, but hepatic first-pass metabolism, degradation of drug during absorption, mucus covering GI epithilia, and high turnover of mucus are serious concerns of oral route.


Nasal Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems The area of the normal human nasal mucosa is approximately cm 2a highly dense vascular network and relatively permeable membrane structure; all these factors mucoadhesive drug delivery system ppt nasal cavity interesting. This theory is useful for the study of bioadhesion by tensile apparatus. Types of Mucoadhesion Formulations 1.

This oral aerosol formulation is rapidly absorbed through delivfry buccal mucosal epithelium, and it provides the plasma insulin levels necessary to control postprandial dgug rise in deliveery patients. Bioadhesive dosage forms for nasal administration, Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems.

Related article at PubmedScholar Google. Support Center Support Center. Assumes the diffusion of the polymer chains, present on the substrate surfaces, across the adhesive interface thereby forming a networkedsemipermeable structure. This novel, pain-free, oral insulin formulation has a number of advantages, including rapid absorption, user-friendly administration technique, precise dosing control comparable to injection within one unitand bolus delivery of drug.

Parotid, sub maxillary, sublingual glands Minor salivary glands are situated in buccal, palatal regions The presence of saliva is more important for: Park Mucoadhesive drug delivery system ppt, Robinson JR. Delivery systems Ultrasonic nebulizers: Targets for mucoadhesive Formulations: Go to Application Have a question?

Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems – ppt download

Sufficient depth of penetration creates a semi-permanent adhesive bond. Such systems may be formulated to exhibit requisitory flow properties and hence may be easily administered into the periodontal pocket using a syringe mucoashesive, mucoadhesive properties ensuring prolonged retention within the pocketmmucoadhesive sustained release of therapeutic agent within this environment.

It has been shown mucoadhezive the addition of mucoadhesive polymers to ocular films reduced film movement across the eye, minimizing ocular irritation and burning sensations. If adhesive attachment is to a mucus coat, the phenomenon is referred to as mucoadhesion. Tzachev[ 96 ] has compared a mucoadhesive solution formulation of xylometazoline with commercially available decongestatnt solution in 20 human subjects mucoadhesive drug delivery system ppt perennial allergic rhinitis.


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Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Tragacanth, Sodium alginate, Guar gum, Xanthum gum, soluble starch, Gelatin, Chitosan Mucoadhesive polymers can also classify into following categories: These groups attach to mucus or the cell membrane by various interactions such as hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic or electrostatic interactions.

Among the advantages are rapid uptake and avoiding first-pass hepatic metabolism. Design and evaluation of bioadhesive photosensitiser delivery systems. Nasal residence of insulin containing lyophilised nasal insert formulations, using gamma scintigraphy.

,ucoadhesive achieve a high degree of swelling, a lightly cross-linked polymer is favored.

Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery System: A Review

Blue polymer layer and red mucus layer before contact; b Upon contact; c The interface becomes diffuse after contact for a period of time. Cevher[ ] aimed to prepare clomiphene citrate CLM gel formulations for the local treatment of human papilloma virus infections.

Fluorescein, HPMC[ 68 ]. Theophylline, multiple polymers[ 55 ].

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