Gauss-Seidel coupling scheme is also known as serial or “Ping-Pong” algorithm where one code waits while the partner code proceeds. You can activate the automatic loading of files series having the same stem or the opening of a single file which is the default now. Coupling with pressure quantities is available. The time step size is equally defined in each application in this case and there is no need to exchange this time information. The optional synchronization point provides the alternative to activate the data exchange on request. This API is designed as a general and discipline independent toolkit and can be used for different levels of co-simulation:

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Slftware of today, development of the standard continues through the participation of 16 companies and research institutes. This allows to map data from a periodic section to a full target mesh or to a periodic section with different shape or position. The MpCCI Mpcci software supports most of the leading commercial codes for fluid-dynamics, structural analysis, electro-magnetic, and other disciplines:.

MpCCI CouplingEnvironment

The fully transient coupling method describing the transient effects in both coupled domains leads to a highly accurate solution mpcco might be too expensive for some applications. In this application you may assume a steady state computation of the mpcci software phenomena because the electromagnetic phenomena are faster than the gas dynamic.

Further interfaces are under development. Non-matching time step size: Full-vehicle thermal management of driving cycles: The name of the log file is created mpcci software following this rule: You can select a symmetric model as source to be mapped on a full model.


MpCCI FSIMapper – Mathematical software – swMATH

Additional support of mpxci external subroutines for sfotware element within the co-simulation. Coupling with pressure quantities is available. Coupling Analysis of Mixed Solutions Steady State and Transient A fully transient coupling is challenging because of the great disparities of the physical models between the coupled domains e.

An implicit iterative coupling method: Mpcci software the MpCCI CouplingEnvironment the engineer can combine several ready to use models, define the application field and choose for the best-fit coupling method.

Optional user defined timeout value can be set for any client code trying to connect a server mpcci software. The EnSight Gold format is supported also for transient and harmonic source models.

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The main difficulty is due to the significant discrepancy of characteristic times since the transient phenomena in the fluid usually take place at a much smaller time scale than those in the solid. Structural Analysis Abaqus [6. Using this approach for the solid problem removes the nonlinear, large displacement effects in the stiffness matrix leading to a stable and faster computation.

To ensure best interoperability between different simulation codes the coupling procedures are independent from the utilized codes and coupling quantities definition: FMI for Co-Simulation Functional Mock-up Interface FMI is a tool independent standard to support both model exchange and co-simulation of dynamic models using a combination of xml-files and compiled C-code. This approach is applicable to problems with strong mpcci software coupling.


The immediate visualization mpcci software the results makes it possible to detect model errors or bad mapping results due to parameter problems.

In addition to these coupling algorithms different transfer options are provided to control the data exchange of the quantities:.

The aoftware can perform a partial run until the coupled mesh definition and stop the job. The two meshes between mpcci software the interpolation shall take place have to be 2-dimensional surface meshes in a 3-dimensional space. This issue concerns mpcci software on Windows sodtware.

Programming Interfaces Programming Interfaces. The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment supports most of the leading commercial codes for fluid-dynamics, structural analysis, electro-magnetic, and other disciplines: You can activate the automatic loading of files series having the same stem or the opening of a single file which is the default now.

MpCCI Software

LS-Dyna added as target structural code format in transient force excitation mapping applications where a Fourier transformation is applied. The cut plane edit line mpcci software the two type mpcxi decimal mark dot and comma. The first version, FMI 1.

Data and simulation code are properly synchronized. The fully transient analysis provides an accurate solution.

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