The easiest way I’ve found to transfer your player to another world involves using iChun’s Sync mod and MCedit. The first map editor, created to edit Indev and later Classic levels. The problem is that it also stores your location and respawn bed location, which may be underground or a hundred blocks in the air in the world you just copied it into, and will likely result in immediate death if it’s just copied straight across. Displays servers from servers. Move the player inventory from the folder playerdata image Move the player inventory located on the level. Works for both Singleplayer and multiplayer. Useful for taking Minecraft saves anywhere you go.

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As mentioned in a comment to an answer, the easiest way to do this now is to set the character to creative if possible then copy over level.

INVedit – Minecraft Inventory Editor

A Java library and standalone tool to provide visualizations for all save formats. Also allows bookmarking of positions to navigate back to. Type in how much things you need to smelt, press “Check” and it will show you how much fuel you need. Use this great tool to move saved worlds between a holding area and the real minecraft area. Also compatible with texture packs.


Since the November minecraft invedit 1.5 Update, the terrain editor seems to be missing, but other problems have been fixed, and the program has been updated to support all blocks and objects added in the Halloween Update.

A small launcher tool that will back up and synchronize your saved minecraft invedit 1.5 across multiple computers, performing file operations both before and after Minecraft is launched. With that, your player should have been successfully transferred. Opening up code for community development.

Compatible with every ZIP-packed mod. Note that some of these programs may still work with newer versions of Minecraft, but have not been clearly marked as minecraft invedit 1.5 by their authors. Can export files for others to open and edit. It is no longer available on the Mac App Store. Includes AlphaVespucci but you can configure it to use any mapper settings for c10t are also provided.

I wanted to do the same thing and nothing was working for me.

Captures position packets using ngrep and feeds the packet to the php to map. Online Minecraft Inventory Editor. It has the ability to customize what you want to backup. Blue Husky’s Minecraft Inventory. Get any Minecraft Classic Miinecraft by typing in it’s name. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Talk.

This file stores all your inventory, experience, etc. This program stores and displays an inventory of all blocks and items in Minecraft, their minercaft values, and suggested trading-post values. The first map editor, created to edit Indev and later Classic levels. In the lastlogin file is the username and the password saved. Provides in-game updates of the players position. I know minecraft invedit 1.5 is old, but people minecraft invedit 1.5 mihecraft through here so some clarification for the new way to do this.


INVedit Inventory Editor Now Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5

You also need to copy all of the ‘Level. You can 1.5 the level’s blocks in 2d slices, and alter minecraft invedit 1.5 by “painting” blocks using brushes of different shapes and sizes. As of November 17,the current version is Minecraft 1. Allows you to save and load your configurations to easily switch between worlds, and even includes some basic server backup and worldfile seed reading capabilities.

List of Minecraft Inventory Editor –

According invedih the developers also coming to Android soon. Sign up using Facebook. Works for both Singleplayer and multiplayer. Adds several blocks, including rails but no minecarts. A quick and easy way to change your spawnpoint!

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