Complete Records of Book Agencies can be kept. Error dialog ‘PurePath not found’ shown when drilling into Dynatrace if Client has multiple server connections. Support for network connection other than WiFi and Mobile. JLT – Browser Diagnostics: Use an initial conversion factor in the correct resolution milliseconds vs. JLT Correlation blocked by synchronous communication to collector JLT NullPointerException on agent deregistration after agent has been load balanced to a different collector JLT Bug in processing of JMX measurements causes unnecessary commands being sent from server to agent. JLT – Fix a bug during Thread dump creation error handling.

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Queries that appeared only in the second run of the check for slow queries are skipped since we cannot count the delta Client JLT – Ensure that updates are also shown for evaluation library manager 6.5.9 in the start center Impact: Unchecked characters in a cookie value cause a security vulnerability. The agent would cause termination of the web server, with an uncaught exception.

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JS Agent can’t be loaded when bootstrapper is used after upgrading. Add the ability for hybrid apps to set cookies for multiple domains.

JLT – High instrumented application memory usage in Java 8 now revert to 6. DB Agent connection pool is not using validation query to check connection state.


Removed ‘No such file When adding a measure the measure picker is opened and displays a spinner while the measure are library manager 6.5.9. MessageBroker Agent memory leak Impact: Instrumented applications with massively changing class hierarchy across app-restarts dynamic classes cause loops in class cache Solution: JLT – Fixed slowdown of session storage when requested session was not available any more. Better suppress the warnings.

JLT – Invalid point resolution in percentile tile causes broken chart.

JLT – PureLytics configuration when split by application is reset to default on server startup. JLT – Disabling capture events library manager 6.5.9 mainframe agents causes registration errors. JLT – Agent load balancing tasks is running to frequently. The meta information that is contained in the cell part is not available at the time when the Collector decides which Core Agent version is provided to the Bootstrap Agent Solution: JLT – There was a weird white bar shown in night mode mahager the incident chart dashlet, unless the lihrary as well as the historic state of an incident rule were healthy.

Bootstrapped JS Agent requests are returned with a error. Monitors may not execute anymore as their schedule’s target may not match.

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BT names will be added as field in the exported document. Due to a protocol change between Dynatrace 6.


ServerCorrelation JLT – Improved correlation completeness check for custom linked rootpaths 6. JLT – Improve endVisit handling in order to let late incoming actions managed assigned to a visit, which was already ended via endVisit event. Client JLT – Server certificate evaluation in the client received more data than necessary. JLT – Error dashlet – Detail panel: Needed for the case when startAsync is implemented without a return value but throws an UnsupportedOperationException JLT – It is not possible to activate the async JS Agent setting without changing ljbrary other configuration field.

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library manager 6.5.9 Watchdog restart due to InfrastructureConfigCenter blocks multiple threads because its listeners are called within synchronized blocks JLT Server: NullPointer check before collector peer update. Added additional log output for better visibility and fixed a problem during visit-updates. Synchronization issue between Frontend and Backend process Solution: Elapsed time duration computed incorrectly due to bad tickcounts from tick delay JLT Removed overlapping state-borders in the USA worldmap.

Adding multiple error listeners to jQuery ajax settings results in exceptions and non-executed callbacks.

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