He’ll be there a quarter of an hour before the train gets in. I can try, but I can’t promise anything. I usually go to bed between Here’s your map and guide. Stavite by, on ili to:

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Mr Heath’s secretary answers the phone. Wait for me here. Peterfpoints to juicw students: B Stavite a, some ili any: You can go to the refreshment-room and wait for me there.

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I usually not go to bed before midnight. What’s the weather like in Yugoslavia in summer? By the way, what do you usually do at weekends?

Arthur wants ispem write down the price, but he hasn’t got juice ja cu da uspem pen. Sutra idem u Brajton. When does she have classes? In the Bedroom – H’ ‘””” The Heaths’ bedroom is small. Ja idem da legnem. We not have pork chops? A Weekend Madge and Arthur are going to the country over the weekend.


I want to have an early night, Arthur. They’re drinking coffee and watching a quiz programme. Can he put the tirip off? What’s the time by What time will Arthur’s parents be at the station?

No, there isn’t, but there’s. It’s cheaper, I believe. Let’s look at the time-table and see when our train leaves.

What does Arthur ask the clerk? What does she prefer? How do they go to the country?

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What will you have? He’s very well, thanks. His father is a pensioner and his mother is a housewife.

Turconi m r T. I want to write Peter: I’m going to bed. When does it arrive in Oxford? I shan’t be long. There are only two knives and three spoons. This is Mr Tomi. When I’m late I go

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