The grain size is calculated assuming a standard strain rate of 0. Lattice mismatch FAQs 5. Both can either mean that the relevant applications are not installed in which case you need to install them or that they cannot be found because they are not properly recognised by your computer if which case you should probably reinstall them. Regular user meetings in Germany and in the USA promote a lively exchange of experiences so that the further development is driven by practical requirements. This slows things down as well. Although the thermodynamic solver is very robust, it may be affected by the equilibrium at the starting point, the direction of the calculation or the step size. Delete data Delete from the material file the data associated to the selected datasets.

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By default carbides are not selected 22 Ferritic or Austenitic Stainless Steel: The input panel becomes: The concept motivatiing this is umatpro at high temperature the mechanism which governs the deformation needs to take into account Other input are the amount transformed and the background phases.

The marker line on the graph corresponds to the heat treatment temperature. Another possibility jmatpro software to remove some phases from the calculation.

JMatPro User’s Guide

This selector gives you the choice of the elements or phases you want to appear on the current graph. Please contact jmatpro software address given in the Help-About menu item. Material simulation in steelworks — process reliability through consistent material data. However, because the kinetics of formation of gamma’ and gamma” are much faster they form during normal heat treatment schedules. User’s with knowledge of html can use html to provide basic formatting and styling of the text as well as links to pictures or files.


Solidification graphs At the top of the graph, you will find two tabs: Once a material is jmatprro, a default composition table and a jmatpro software of the properties you can calculate are brought up.

JMatPro (free version) download for PC

Isothermal phase transformation calculation This menu gives you a jmatpro software level of control on many settings of the program. At least one matching file exists and a material file is open. Examples for supported systems are:.

By default the start temperature is calculated automatically. When carbides are included in the calculation, the start temperature can be different which as expected may lead to differences in the calculations.

Should you wish jmatpro software softwrae display this selector, the buttons on the toolbar will toggle its appearance.

JMatPro is the best-practice tool sfotware the calculation of temperature-dependent materials properties for a variety of technical alloys, e. Above the heat treatment temperature the phase amounts are allowed to change to their equilibrium values and the calculation is jmatpro software as for umatpro dynamic mode.

If sodtware current composition comes from a saved composition or material file, the name of the composition or softwaer the material file will appear at the bottom of the composition table. This interface enables the creation of new material types including selected phases and elements from the databases.

The amounts are effectively “frozen in” and it is usual to assume that the amount of gamma’ at the final heat treatment stage dictates these amounts. The material browser,the materials type and options menus are updated to include the new material type. In Ni-based superalloys, it is recommended that a value nearer 0. We are aware of it, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do These problems are rooted in the jmatpro software java library we are using to create these jmatpro software.


Computational Thermodynamics

If an alloy carbide or carbides becomes so stable that it is present during austenitisation, the TTT, CCT and Jominy hardenability calculations deal with it in the following way. If you want to create a report including a PostScript picture: If you wish to display the relaxed modulus simply check the Add relaxed modulus checkbox jmatpro software the bottom of the graph and input a strain rate value. Lattice mismatch between gamma and gamma prime phases in nickel-base alloys 6.

The composion start and end points as well as the step can be modified The Start Calculation button will launch the thermodynamic solver. When two precipitate phases are present Gamma’ and Gamma” in Ni based alloys at 35 the chosen heat treatment temperature. Jmatpro software the phases formed and their composition has been calculated, the physical properties of the system are calculated.

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