A beautiful trance-like drum carries the whole thing forward; the hand drums and percussion are played by Rick Lazar percussionist for Loreena McKennitt. Ceremonies use the power of music–drumming, rhythm and repetition–to change our state of consciousness and to heal our bodies, psyches and emotions. Historically, people have used music for sacred events from birthing to dying to the planting of seeds, but corporatization has turned music into entertainment so that it is no longer central to our spiritual life and the day-to-day life of the community. Over seventy musicians, dancers, poets and ritualists will perform ReTurning as a prayerful and ecstatic community event. I receive emails and calls from all over the world. Her record company website is at: This was the extraordinary opportunity of a lifetime–one that might never be granted again.

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Initially I described the experience as being in an “altered state,” but as I felt into that I realized that it was a deeply “authentic state. jennifeer

The real change is happening at a much more mennifer level. Things do not always happen in the way we think they are going to. This certainly changes the acoustics, the aesthetics and the emotional impact of this awesome and powerful space when it reopens soon.

A major motif in Maltese art is the spiral. This is one reason that our opportunity reutrning such an historic occasion. This album features a twenty-four-minute multi-layered chant track in jennifer berezan returning of the Buddhist goddess Kuan Yin, the Tibetan goddess Tara and Mother Mary.

Maybe now you can begin to imagine the haunting quality of this elegant sound. To the ancients there is a continual cycle from birth to death to regeneration. We also took some sisters who had been to Malta before, and other good friends who jennifee not yet made this trip. There is a sense that all is held within the womb of the Mother-Creator. I first heard this CD during a spiritual direction group about 3 weeks ago.


Jennifer berezan returning the last two years, Joan and Jennier have led groups to Malta, and led a spring equinox ritual at the Temple of Mnajdra.

Returning – Jennifer Berezan

reeturning All is functioning within that. Most of the above- ground temples are aligned to the sun at the equinoxes and solstices, and to the stars and galaxies. When I made the album called She Carries MeI received many letters saying, “I used this when my mother died,” or ” Through the coming years, I think much more will be revealed.

They sometimes sing and dance and pray for days.

I was singing inside the Earth, in a place that had been used for thousands of years for ritual, for oracles, for prophecy. After vultures and other birds of prey had de-fleshed the body above ground, the bones were brought down, perhaps at specific seasonal times. Some things that happen are so much bigger than we are.

Some male archaeologists question whether certain female figurines are indeed female, suggesting that they may jennifer berezan returning androgynous priests. It also features a spoken work by Jennifer berezan returning Dukakis and music by acclaimed violinist Darol Anger.

About one and a half years ago, we were able to go to the Hypogeum–an “underground tomb” that had been closed to the public for many years due to a restoration project. People are eager to find other models for ways of living and being. The threat of non-being has sent existential jolts of terror through me in recent years. The sound of singing there is not unlike that in the great cathedrals of the world.


Returning – Jennifer Berezan | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I see that it is possible for us to live on this earth in a different way. Historically, people have used music for sacred events from jennifer berezan returning to dying to the planting of seeds, but corporatization has turned music into entertainment so that it is no longer central to our spiritual life and the day-to-day life of the community. I also think that the things you wrote about here, combined with the things I’ve been addressing specifically lately, are a good part of what is gestating within me.

I knew I needed an incredible engineer, someone with a deep understanding of acoustics who could express and capture on tape jennifer berezan returning profound quality of the sound there.

There were overtones and qualities of different and unusual sounds, and it also seemed that the Hypogeum itself was -“tuned” to particular notes. In my trips to sacred goddess sites, women very often have a sense of returning to something jennifer berezan returning feel they absolutely know, and of having been there before.

These are the oldest free-standing temples in the world! In Januarywhen we made our recordings, there were a couple of metal railings, but the floors were still the original pure stone.

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