You are doing it wrong. The release and falling away of dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns anger, fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, substance abuse, self limitations, etc. Of course that means going through a long learning curve while you master the art of meditation, motivating yourself to sit each day to meditate. Search Evolving Times Search for: The SweetWater people had emailed me a few days before the event, asking if I would use their app during the conference…. If not, maybe give it a try for the next few mornings and see what happens for you.

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It creates intense desire. Effective emotional regulation i.

To my mind, there is no complete rationale for insisting on doing dive before immersion. When we fall hopelessly in love, all we can think about is being with our beloved.

Centerpointe Research Institute (Holosync 3D) – The Dive by Toni For Real | Mixcloud

And although great things were happening in my outer life, the really big change was happening inside where it really counts. At its highest, most rapid levels, though, beta is associated with anxiety, holosync dive, and dis-ease.

A third hormone, melatonin, helps create restful sleep. I will check out the other program.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I know you may be skeptical. Bi-weekly Follow-Up Support Letters in holosync dive, hoolsync, and written format. You start with Dive for 14 days but this Dive is from Awakening Level 1 so do not confuse it with Awakening Prologue and after that you add Immersion 2. In fact, I changed a lot. Holosync dive think kind and compassionate thoughts and your brain becomes better at creating kindness and compassion.


Whole-brain thinking gives you a kind of meta-awareness, a new perspective—a view from a higher spot on the mountain. It creates the same changes in the brain, but does so an astounding eight times faster—and, without the learning curve! Thanks for the insight. I began to like people…and get along with them!

Holosync Tip: Immersion Only In The Morning : Evolving Times

And, you can hoosync have the spiritual benefits of meditation everyone talks about: Eventually, anything we become attached to changes, ends, goes away, or falls apart. At this point, over 2. If holosync dive attempt to skip The Dive and start with Immersion at most times during the day, it is unlikely that your brainwaves will be able to make the jump from the Beta or high Alpha state down to Theta.

Boy, hoolosync I relieved. The second, Immersion, holds you at that deep Theta level for another minutes. After 14 days, you add Immersion after Dive and you keep doing that for 4 months.


And attain a level of happiness and inner peace you may have not thought possible…. Please try Awakening Prologue TM for up to a full year.

The image below shows a healthy irregularity holosync dive heartbeats measured in thousandths of a beat per second. As you can see, during this session HRV was more thanalmost eight times higher holosync dive sign of a higher emotional threshold. Over the next three or four years I went on an incredible journey as I began to experiment with this new technology. They had phenomenal levels of emotional commitments, motivation, attentional capacity—all of which reflected the highly integrated brain in action.

Impossible? Science Fiction?

Creates the brain waves of focus, concentration and accelerated learning. It also interferes with learning and memory and is, in general, bad news for your health and your well-being. You meditate as deeply as a 30 year meditator, the first time and holosync dive time. It has been less than a year.

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