The ‘expansion’ knob showed an incorrect position when a preset was loaded back from the hard disk. What’s different from similar units is the ability to scan the source and adjust the transistion curve accordingly. Help FAQs Go to top. I will fix this as soon as I get back to the code when ever that is Anyway, I use the Floorfish gate always on toms and kick drum. Awsome plugin, does a lot of good work.

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I will fix this as soon as I get back to the code when ever that is See the ‘about’ page for reasons I used the floorfish on my mains again last night. But my bit Sonar X2 mess up with the settings everytime like setting the “Sense” knob to zero each time Floorfish plugin re-open a session. It sounded so-so to me this time. Mazo Jan 15 florofish I floorfish plugin notice a loss of dynamics in the Hi Fq ranges this time. You can remove the front plate and make further adjustments on the circuit board.

The mac version will most certainly not work on current Macs! Man, the controls are as much precise as you wish, you must dont spin it, it gets floprfish from the center to the mouse position View the Media Kit.


So the floorfish plugin might only be of use for older machines Very good tool, parameters, features and results!!

Anyone use Floorfish Plugin?

I’ve had this for a while. The ‘expansion’ knob floorfish plugin an incorrect position when a preset was loaded back from the hard disk. Fixed a bug in floorfish. It works on FLS9? Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Installing FloorFish VST in AACS6? – Home Recording forums

I’ve had it on my daw for a floorfish plugin time but only recently started using it on my master send when mixing. I’m just explaining the effect it had on my mixes. This has been most prominent with blockfish, but is fixed with the other two plugins flolrfish well. I only used only a very mild setting.

This has been fixed as well as some minor changes within the compressor path. An expander actually will make the track have more dynamic range spikes not less. Login or Sign Up.



E asy to set up and offers a broad variety of processing, r anging from slight expansion, background noise attenuation to extreme gating effects. If I cranked the expansion up more than 3 lights you can hear the gate kicking in but I was running it at a number 2 level and blended it with the soft setting so they interacted evenly.

They weren’t compiled for Intel-based Macs at all due to the age of the code base Help FAQs Go to top. All the Digitalfishphones plugs are floorfish plugin though. Blockfish, the compressor maybe? The best of best!!!!!!! Has anyone else had good results or prefer something else?

If you’re unsure that you’ve got the latest version: Love that set of plugs use them alot actually. But still with a unique sonic floorfish plugin. Excellent plug-in used it for months.

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