Just receiving promises and prophecies is not enough. In his time, he was highly exalted. But all the assembly gathered and decided to first send spies to the land. Many people today passively wait for God to help them possess their promises. All riches Just as iron and copper were abundant like stones in Canaan, you are enriched in all His blessings and prosperity. All rivers The Holy Spirit has opened up all His fountains and freely released all the rivers of spiritual, material and physical blessings in and through you Eph. Fill your mind with the thoughts of God through diligent study of the Word and stay full of the Holy Spirit.

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It may look like a blind, crude faith. From these rivers of living water flow all His supernatural gifts, miracles, power, purity, and divine healing Jn. Failure to develop their faith is the main cause ezekiah francis messages broken relationships, poverty mentality, entanglement in the affairs of this earthly life at the cost of their high calling, defeated and frustrated lives, sin and sickness stricken bodies.

January Until Wed, You have the right to ezekiah francis messages boldly every good thing from your good Daddy. Ask of the Lord the nations and start going to the highways and byways with the power of the Gospel. You can frame His promises and hang them on the wall without ever seeing any of them fulfilled.


Every good and perfect gift comes to you from above through Christ Jesus Js.

Constantly feed your faith by listening faith building messages. Your health, wealth, beautiful home, welfare of children, harmonious relationships, powerful ministry, inner peace and bubbling joy all are good things for you. His Words must be acted upon by faith.

Why should they be driven back to the wilderness and be buried? Take God at His Word and enter into your new territories for God. In his time, he was highly exalted.

Stop only praying and start manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Messages

Instead of entering into this land within few days they prolonged for forty years, because of their unbelief. This marks the dividing line between faith-search and doubt-reasoning. Do you see any need for such doubts when God already promised how the land would ezekiaah You can live like a little god and transform your world Co.

Prophetic Messages by Prophet Ezekiah Francis | Berachah Prophetic Ministries : BPM

Alas, mowadays many of God’s saints die early without even finding out their calling. All fruits It is the perfect will of God for you to exhibit and flourish in all the fruit of the spirit. What happened to God’s sovereignty? Christ and His Body work together to bring His Kingdom to this earth. Truly, you are a spirit-filled watered garden Isa.


That was the great blunder they did. It is the same unbelief that causes people to delay stepping out into their calling. Ezekish development When your faith is weak, God does His best to build up and grow your faith by His Spirit and Word and ezekiah francis messages performing miracles. God saw their unbelief.

How easily and quickly they would have enjoyed the plenty and fertility of their Promised Land.

So He came down to their level of faith and allowed them to spy out the land. When your faith and vision are weak and ezskiah, He stoops down to your level and leads you very slowly at your pace. Lay your hands on the sick and command the diseases to leave Mk.

Text Messages – Berachah prophetic ministries

God has made you partaker of His Heavenly calling. This is the good messagds of faith. The entire generation except Caleb and Joshua died and was buried in the wilderness. No good thing will ever be withheld from you in this grace dispensation Ps.

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