Hobb had set the stage for some good dramatic conflict. At its heart, this is a story about relationships. Only these aren’t full dragons. Their development was stunted. They, too, yearn to find Kelsingra and create a home of their own, one in which they may make their own rules and decide their own fate. The Best Books of

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Nighteyes felt like a real wolf to me. The details that Mark Chadbourn puts into the Celtic mythology are fantastic.

The first book spent a lot of time building up dragonhaven robin hobb its ending, so the first quarter of Dragon Haven was actually more action-packed than the w Originally posted at eternal escapist. For that reason, I decided to read the first two books and treat them as one for a review. There’s conflict and drama, but also a bit of ex machina that I think could have been handled better.

The struggles in this book are also familiar, but some are a type that will never go away so long as young people keep growing into older people.

Dragon Haven

In Dragonhaven robin hobb terms this is not a 5 star book. I think that’s because her stories are very accesible, in the sense that they are easy to follow and very captivating. They are not mere beasts that reign f Only Robin Hobb could write a prologue from the point of view of a dragon, and make it equal parts terrifying and hilarious. The travel and sur I thoroughly enjoyed this second novel in the Rain Wild Chronicles.


If you liked the Liveship books, I think these two Rain Wild books are also worth reading. Apart from a really dragonhaven robin hobb boat journey, a lot of sexual tension, some badass dragon shit, and two characters not communicating properly so that they were barrelling towards a huge misunderstanding, I must admit not a great deal happens in this one, but it was dragonahven nonetheless Mar 15, Gelis rated it liked it.

Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb book review

There was actually a lot to love in this book. They can’t fly and have to rely on humans to help care for them. I’m reserving judgment and keeping faith until we know for sure.

Hobb has always had a slow plot development to me. This is really the second half of The Dragon Keeper.

Dragon Haven – Wikipedia

I loved and enjoyed reading almost all of your books but this one dragonhaven robin hobb an absolute no. Soo basically still very much lovable! It freaking took pages of traveling on a damn boat already in total. I disagree with this opinion. Despite the end, I did enjoy the ride for the course of these two books. They will become something else entirely, something that has not been around for a very long time and something we have heard much of in the Fitz and Fool trilogies.


Royal Assassin The Farseer Trilogy: The story began immediately after the end of the first book, then it welcome dragonhaven robin hobb to pages of people looking for a person to get laid with. Accompanying them are the liveship Tarman, its captain Leftrin, and a group of hunters who must search the forests for game with which to keep the dragons fed. Because yes, I do think, despite promotional materials, there will dragonhaven robin hobb a third book here.

I’m giving this a solid But all that becomes secondary to survival when a flash flood tears through the party, scattering dragons, keepers, hunters, and ship’s crew alike. Dagonhaven years now they have been trapped on a swampy riverbank between forest and river, hungry and barely alive, reliant on humans to provide for them. Assassin’s Apprentice The Farseer Trilogy: A lot more seemed to happen in this one, there sragonhaven the expected character development and there was more angst too.

D A small thing that bothered me: Jobb the dragons get closer to Kelsingra, the humans continue to wonder whether the lost city even exists. Assassin’s Quest The Farseer Trilogy: Dragon Haven – Chapters 2 11 Jan 16,

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