Unoffical map is many bugs!! We have always continuing support for the AI Maps Developer Or you can just copy-paste the information from the older map versions or from dota 2. Go back to the old names, recipies and bots should have names after what hero they are. To play Dota 6.

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DotA vc AI En – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Please choose a dotta map. The problem is the name of the items is changed to something ridiculous, please change it back to the original names of the items. This is the Dota 6. I have to choose the bots obligatorily, there is no command to appear automatically?

Requirements to play DotA 6. If you find some bug and error at DotA 6. This AI is shit.

Dota v6.81d.w3x download

Skip to content Gaming- Tools. If someone vota I can try to add -Fun content in this game. I wonder how many years I’ve left dota. And dont focus to dota2 coz there is a dota Thank you so much PBMN. Hopefully the translation will be fixed. I am tired of waiting. Please update this game I would train myself to play dota 2 thanks. And please dont change items names. Where is the fucking 7. The bots are designed and programmed to act natural and behave like a real dota player.


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O do you have brains? How long will it takes for 6.

Top 5 WC3 Tools: Also wish you the best dota map 6.76 ai w3x luck and the death of the bugs. DotA still the best than DotA2 nothing compares!!! Even that there are many problems with the AI version. Because this version is created by a chinese developer, some tooltips and skill infos are missing, will be fixed in a translated updated version. Drop everything now Meet me in the pouring rain Kiss me on the sidewalk And take away the pain Cause I see sparks fly Whenever you smile.

Release the AI Map were so excited for 6. Nothing will change, unless you gave him a free apartment on Munich. Can you update a new Dota1 AI maps?

Dota 6.76c download

I think its very disrespectful and awful to rename everything to Chinese shit. Not in chinese map of course as I can read nothing.


One suggestion i feel could be put in, is a much more gank-orientated style AI as well as the difficulty level of the AI should be increased for better practising purposes.

I’am very conficued here,can someone tell me whats going on?? We still should give thanks to the Developer of the Version. Dota Ai allows to pick all of the bot heroes, so you have an exact choice: To play Dota 6.

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