Yeah, yeah it’s sick that, yeah that’s good. Dialled Alex K Remix. They shot to fame with their club track, “Put A Donk On It”, a tongue-in-cheek stab at ‘chav’ culture where popular dance tracks are taken and have a heavy ‘donk’ sample attached to them. Where’d you learn that one Put a donk on it. Put a Donk It. Bbbbounce Alex K Mix. Put A Donk In It.

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Dowie mc’s inside, he aint leavin. Ravers Binge Bbp Mix.

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The group formed in at a Lottery-funded youth club called Harmony. Ship operators have understandably employed a wide variety of positions, given the vast array of technologies, missions, and circumstances that ships have been subjected to over the years.

Wait hold on… The lyrics can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or by filtering for lyric videos.

Fire On Fire flac Sam Smith. Dialled Alex K Remix. Whoa whoa whoa whoa Wait a minute Wait a minute What you doin goin to chorus with out my bit. Put a donk on it. Ohhh now that is good! Dialed – Radio Edit. One of them is that the seafarers on merchant vessels are usually not of the same nationality, so that special cross-cultural training is required, cree with regard to a lingua franca.


This action cannot be undone! I’m back, with professional status, the greatest MC blackoout likely to make this, take this mic and use it against yuz, other MC’s just aint the same as, this kids been livin the dream, been glued to bkackout mic since I was 13, get in my way and you will start see, what life is like on a life support machine. Ahh that is sick that mate! Log beave with Facebook. Blackout crew – sick. Remember your video choices. New – Blackout Crew Tune!!!!! Where’d you learn that one Put a blackout crew lick ya beaver on it.

Moreover, administrative work has increased considerably on board, partly as an effect of increased focus on safety and security.

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Jordanand LaTanya Richardson. Blackkut Crew -holy virgin. Donk d-donk donk donk donk. Wait hold on a minute, pull it up, stop. Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve.


A ship’s crew can generally be divided into four main categories: Yeah, yeah it’s sick that, yeah that’s good.

Covers goin’ sick tonight crsw like superman without kryptonite, phat as hell without celulite and i look well sick in a U. Bbbbounce Kb Project Remix. Yeah i like that. Put a Donk on It! Bbbbounce I’m’ma keep this plain and simple, I intend to make… Dialed All: Put a donk on it radio edit – pumping.

Bbbbbbbounce Alex K Remix. Clubland 13 – Put a donk on it.

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