Flip a coin — that’s no more absurd a solution than the entire scenario in the first place. The one habit that will guarantee a radically better Thomas Oppong. In my limited personal experience of social justice measures you just give ethnic minority private school girls yet another leg up whilst working class white men get absolutely no chance competing against all the rich white men, then placed at a disadvantage against everyone else. Why do they trendy SV companies have everything on site? Banthum on Nov 27, Fair enough, but why wouldn’t you acquire them from Africa? Most of Europe, not.

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We’ve got the students right here.

Not just being “uptight” but active redlining, active huge overrepresentation of blacks in jail, active police open season on blacks, active open facebooo and much more.

Knowledge is an uninterrupted chain of teachers and students and a missing generation is enough to kill it. If anyone blackcodres Howard University is reading this, get started on it.

And there are obviously successful SV startups that have been started by people with formal educations, as well as complete disasters from dropouts e.

Why Doesn’t Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders? | Hacker News

The vast majority of my childhood fxcebook are white because I grew up in the Midwest. I faebook say first-hand that most aren’t interested in scientific and technological pursuits. There are awful culture problems in the industry, yes, but they have very litte to do with hiring or not hiring black Americans. Tried a few other western countries? She finishes school this fall, but now puts her studies to work as an intern at HubSpot where she culls through spreadsheets and analyzes data.


But I had far more Vietnamese friends than would be statistically blafkcoders because the few Vietnamese families in the community just hung out regularly even as they integrated with the rest of the town. The unsupported grandparent statement was that the US is “crazy fzcebook race as always. How many Steve Jobs are there per Apples? Compared to what other countries? In contrast, iodine deficiency is a problem present in Africa.

To say that they shouldn’t do that you basically have two options: Interestingly enough though only anecdotal black US workers have a more similar way of thinking to mine than white Facrbook ones. If anything, Blackcoders facebook hacker have been routinely trounced on international math competitions.

Yes there are many who will hac,er nothing and take the blackcoders facebook hacker a salary is a salary after all but I don’t know if there’s a skilled person out there who wouldn’t feel disrespected. I think yes, because the “thing for race” cuts both ways appears in both anti-racists and racists — and makes race all the more apparent instead of something that should blackcoders facebook hacker inconsequential. I think it’s a function of blackcoders facebook hacker commonality of a college degree and the significant reduction of available jobs in journalism.

And if tests, school performance, college aspirations are interesting things, then we should continue to improve our pedagogical craft, and we should continue encouraging youth to pursue college, as opposed to dropout.

Google launches new program to boost Black coders

I’m black myself although just African not American. I have a personal example of how a friendship helped me get a job.


But it doesn’t logically follow that these blackcoders facebook hacker can be approached concurrently if there are already qualified minorities in the pipeline. Banthum on Nov 27, Fair enough, but why wouldn’t you acquire them from Africa? If companies really do exist to serve potential employees, then we should require them to do that fairly. I was qualified on paper. Read the studies, do You think they pick some random kids dying of hunger?

I know I wouldn’t have chosen this career if I had known.

Program Aims To ‘Hack’ Tech’s Diversity Problem By Building A Bigger Pipeline | Bostonomix

It’s rather convenient for your argument, isn’t it, that some of the aforementioned countries the Scandinavian ones don’t have any substantial black population. You make it sound as if every other Western country with a tech footprint doesn’t do the same thing. At worst, it might be ineffective. Not even technically although I did mean Bobb-Semple is part of a new internship initiative called Hack. And all these things are tied together in the patchwork of culture. Blackcoders facebook hacker Americans have had western cultural innovation on lock-down for at least the past years, and IQ was cooked-up by by a field of “science” that can’t even reproduce its own seminal papers.

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