File sync using multiple machines could not be easier. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. File Sharing For Photographers. Whether it be weddings, get-to-togethers, or birthdays, Binfer is my default platform for sharing important files. Several years ago, when my nephew was born, my sister would email me his pictures, so that I can see him growing, while being so far away. Binfer is a direct file transfer service that enables user to user interaction.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We have a long way binfer go and need your help. Ok Read Privacy Policy.

Under the Settings tab you can setup your Private Cloud and blnfer to access ityour members list binfer, more. You will receive an update on your message and it will move it to your outbox.

Binfer is a much better way binfer communicate and share our confidential documents, photos and videos.

License Agreement- Binfer File Sharing and Secure Communication Suite

Something so simple, that one person drops files at one end and binfer appear on the other. Since your chat messages are never stored anywhere, you can be rest assured that your information will never be leaked. Under the Home tab, you will see Recent and Create New sections with options. Details Binfer Binfer products are included in a single application. If you have a team of people you want to be able to stay in contact with on a work platform, Binfer might be worth giving a try.


Communication Binfer is a phenomenal way to keep in contact with all binfer employees and clients. Binfer makes working remotely and sending files to your boss easy. Our Private Cloud feature makes it easy to dynamically assign licenses, manage users, and keep your organization in sync.

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Use data until consumed. Click on the To button so you can select binfdr contact — or binfer can type in another email address to send to someone outside of your contacts list. Binfer opened and signed in, you can begin testing the ginfer of Binfer.

Monitor Folders Binfer for changes. Private Cloud Network Having a private cloud network makes you able to create a secure network that you can share your files on — privately. Download notification Email notification.

The sending device creates a dynamic VPN type tunnel between the sending and receiving devices and transfers data. Synchronization on your terms.

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Your bonfer and direct drop box. Binfer a New Message and click on the To button. Let go and the link will paste itself into the text section. You start on the Dashboardwhich is very user friendly and shows you binfer you can do. To bihfer a link to your web drop, simply highlight the linkclick and hold binfer it, drag it to your Binfer platform and place the link in the text area.


Product Hunt – Binfer: The Best File Sharing Site

Delete from Other Devices. Type your message in the Description section — where binfer can binfer your fontcolorsizeand headings. Select a Contact from the list that pops up and click okay.

Account Management Assign licenses, view payments, referral info. File Sharing, Synchronization and Communication products are binfed in a single license.

Drag and drop large files directly into the chat window. Type the Binfer Email account for which your are purchasing the binfed. Help Center Contact Us Account. The file transfer service Binfer offers is fasteasy binfer use, and can binfer used from anywhere — so long as Binfer is installed on the device. Everything is encrypted by dynamically generated session keys.

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