Bigg Robb’s Christmas Party. It’s a little piece of history. Bigg Robb repeated the formula in ‘s Blues, Soul and Old School , crossing the line into “compilation” album territory by even presenting full-fledged guest-artist songs such as Pat Cooley’s popular Southern Soul hit, “Older Woman, Younger Man. For those in the “know”. Embracing Midwest funk, Southern soul, and gospel alike, Bigg Robb’s catalog grew at a prolific rate as he offered up new music nonstop for the years that followed. Got My Whiskey Party.

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Keep On Swinging CD: What if, after all the trust and acceptance given him by the chitlin’ circuit, Bigg Robb should turn out to be the Trojan horse for Ohio-based funk that we thought he was in the beginning?

Put that stuff in a bigg robb sugar shack and sell it. Bigg Robb fans who are rbob with his catalog should check the track list carefully before buying. Nice’s interview with Bigg Robb on Daddy B. To commemorate their time. To read the ronb updates on Bigg Robb, including interviews, YouTube links and CD reviews, scroll down this page to the “Tidbits” section.


Key & BPM for Sugar Shack (Line Dance Remix) (feat. Mz Jackson) by Bigg Robb, Mz Jackson | Tunebat

Thus, the friendly jab in Daddy B. Nice’s ‘Bargain CD’ Store. Getting It In CD: Bigg Robb also appears on Daddy B. Denise Lasalle rovb harks back to the days when your Daddy B.

More by John-Michael Sanders

Sugar Shack Line Dance Remix feat. It’s a little piece of history. Remix Our Love CD: Star glasses, spikes, the clothes and, dude, I was stunned!

The collection included the early hits with other lead singers: While the Klass Band Brotherhood has been experimenting–some might say dithering–with uncharacteristic, hard-edged, funk material since the sweet, mid-tempo “Sugaa Shack” bomb that made their brand, Bigg Robb has recognized the cradle-rocking euphoria of “Shack” and appropriated their signature song, reverentially recording ahack re-recording it with Nelson Curry’s blessing in the same fashion he co-opted Carl Marshall’s “Good Lovin’ Will Make You Cry Remix ” also reverentially, with Carl’s blessinggiving both bigg robb sugar shack greater radio and internet exposure and ever more widespread popularity.

Nice on Copyright Infringement in Daddy B.

Bigg Robb (21st Century) – Southern Soul Music Artist – Southern Soul RnB

Robb brought in talent from the Gap Band, the Ohio Players and seemingly anywhere else he could get his hands on it. Great Busta Rhymes-like video. Robb had joined Zapp, playing mainline synth-funk, and on a tour date in Greenwood, Mississippi he met Mel Waiters, whom he admits he had never heard of.


Soul Prescription, another typically-generous Bigg Robb collection 18 tracksfollowed in What is the Chitlin Circuit? Pure Southern Soul Heaven.

How has this one-time rapper with the 80’s synth-funk style conquered the Southern Soul world–fans, deejays and critics alike? Got My Whiskey Party. That’s nonsense, of course. Visit Bigg Robb’s Official Website. Nice’s Original Artist Guide to Bigg Robb 90’s’sbut with each succeeding album my respect and even anticipation for his seemingly never-depleted musical product has grown. Got My Whiskey Remix – Single. Sugar Shack Extra Long Remix.

Sample or Buy Think Bigg. For those in the “know”. Once again, Southern Soul radio singles abounded.

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