Placing the patient in a car, they proceeded towards Delhi. His devotees were astonished to hear that why he had called that prostitute at the time of his departure to the next world. According to Sikh doctrine, this Bani is believed to bring peace to one’s mind and compoundly peace to the world. Sukhmani Sahib consists of countless merits. Reaching at the place Dukhbhanjnee Beri, he got his son bathed along with the hair. When I saw X-ray again I 38 Third Special Characteristic was astonished to see that there was no trace of tumour in it. Be cautious, that our children imbued in their colour may not forget to pay obeisance to the Guru.

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With the grace of Guru I told him on the phone, start the recitation of Sukhmani Sahib at once. Satguru Ji hearing the request of the Sikhs wrote the baani of Sukhmani Sahib and named it as Sukhmani Sahib, which gives peace to mankind and proves to be panacea of all diseases.

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Tejwant Singh and japjisahib04 like this. Self-willed people take them astray.

Sukhmmani Sikhs should not go astray Sooraj Prakaash Granth has also referred about this request of the Sikhs: I have been granted a place in heaven. Countless people, in so many ways, chant your God’s Name.


Keep in mind that your children may learn English, but should not forget Gurmukhi. This Munshi of Bindraban who asked the Gursikh that how he should read the Sukhmani Sahib so that he may get maximum benefit of that religious act. It is a reality, see it with my eyes, Guru has many ways to shower his blessings.

Sikh Soul: Sukhmani Sahib

The saint again asked saihb devotees to bring that prostitute. For this purpose with the grace of the Guru he has chosen only nine special characteristics of Sukhmani Sahib from its limitless specialties. At this the saint said, “If you want to know then I tell you this secret mystery, “This is the story of my five births back.

Now the age which is passing is governed by Demon of Darkness. Sometimes manifests the wave of avarice, sometimes manifests the wave of ego. As you sow wheat, it will take many months to come to fruition.

Sukhmani Sahib

Guru himself shall shower his grace. What I have seen I tell, rest analyse it yourself. They recite the hymns of the Guru, attend the Gurduara, after baptizing become the Sikh of the Guru. By reading the matter of this book you bhai guriqbal singh ji sukhmani sahib realize that subject of this book cannot be mentioned but only it can be experienced.

Guru said, “O Singh! Wazir Khan used to remain aloof in the outer room of his big mansion. But due to recitation of Sukhmani Sahib the Bibaans decorated with flowers have come to take his soul in the heaven. This bestows peace in this world and in the next world we get very high position.


Sukhmani Sahib – Sangati Paath-Bhai Guriqbal Singh: скачать и слушать mp3 бесплатно

Each section, which is called an Ashtpadi asht means 8consists of 8 hymns per Ashtpadi. The branches of this trust are along the 21 cities. This is the rule of nature. But that Sikh refused to remove the hair of his son.

Bhagat Jana Kai Man Bisraam. I was told that my heart is of an 85 year old person. In response to spokesman revelation, he bounced back with following: Sri Krishan, incarnation of Duaapar has given the example of an insect. That saints regular practice of routine was very systematic.

He got married to Bibi Jatinder Kaur daughter of S. After sometime that Saint was cured of the disease of leprosy and he abandoned his body just like saints.

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