Awan Dania Ria – Episode 1. Newer Post Older Post Home. Why Data Not Found? The search for the national best cabin crew is on again. Firefly Airlines will now be featured in the second season of this famous Malaysian TV series as Dania moves on finding the right airline to fulfill her dream.

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And I think Scha is very pretty too.

Firefly Review – Episode Fly High with Awan Dania! –

I like Malay girls la. However, the writer feels that it is veers towards desperation when Dania and Tania are arguing and fighting over Remy. Tweet or Share Firefly Review — Episode Awan Dania Red Facebook. All support needed for my effort. Aina October 7, at 6: Newer Post Older Post Home. A great combination as both Dania and Firefly are fun and charming personality! Watch Videos Online awan.

Awan Dania Ria – Episode 1. The top 12 finalists are finally selected, including Dania and Tania. To beloved blog walking.

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awan dania musim 3

If I get good response on this post, I might spend another day to cover the shooting and have more exclusive photos and interviews for fans of Awan Dania and Firefly out there.


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Awan Dania is a light and fun Awan dania musim 3 series about the life of Dania Scha Al-Yahyaa rough, tough and boyish pretty girl who had the ultimate dream of becoming a flight stewardess. Filming was done on real aircraft with strict monitoring to ensure the safety of the aircraft and everyone at the set. Sue October 7, at 2: It is hope that this positive collaboration will go on and continue to bring laughter to Malaysian homes. Are you a fan of Firefly Airlines?

A story about the most unlikely candidate to be a Flight Attendant. Monday, 6 June Awan Dania 3 Download. Update will send to your email. Definitely many more people know more about Firefly and its aircrafts and destinations after watching the show!

It was exciting to witness first hand the filming process and I found out a thing or two about Awan Dania which are:.

awan dania musim 3 Firefly Airlines Walk-In Interview for Stewardess post that I wrote a few weeks ago, many ladies out there have the similar dream like Dania and this TV series will attract more of the best ones to Firefly Airlines! Click on the picture to hear an audio file of the equation. Rank 4 Download Here Pageviews. Well done to both the production crew and the airlines representatives. Rank 1 Download Here Pageviews.


Enjoy some of the photos that I took while being at the set.

Awan Dania

I was experimenting with some new auto-resize-compress software and the photos turned out to be poor quality. Who knows if you leave many comments here, the producers might read it and even decided to call me in to become one of the extra. Rank 2 Download Here Pageviews. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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