Always and forever, thats the pinky promise we made. The one who i would cherish, and im puttin on my best. Yea, cause i aint neva lettin go, you kno wut im sayin? The moment you’re in pain, i wanna be there for you. So im a hold you tight, cause i need you by my side.

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You’re the only girl who ever got me feelin so free. Of that one special person who would complete my life. You were the one i chose, out of all the rest. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, you’re all that i need.

Always and forever, thats the pinky promise we made. If i didnt meet you, there wont be no smile on my face. The day we met, i cant explain the way that i felt. Feeling all these emotions that i cant even help. Chorus-We were created to find eachotherour babiixjennii and down for us to love forever.

Lyrics for Always and forever by deestylistic go to RnBeckxclusive’s channel she has very good songs subscribe to her she has very good rnb songs check her o. Verse 2Every single second that i live, im thinkin of you.

Droopy ft. BabiixJenii Music Videos – Musictonic

Everytime you smile, i cant explain the feeling inside. Can’t imagine what this life would be, without you by my side. Always And Forever Deestylistic Feat. Tell me what im suppose to do, if i aint got you hereI want to be the one thats by your side through the years.


Frever and foreva you kno what im sayin? Just to stay in your arms, as you hold me tight.

Always And Forever Testo

And i always and forever droopy ft. babiixjenii it that one day for sure you’re gonna be my wife. And i love you, wit all my heart and soul till i die. Heute waren schon 1 Besucher 1 Hits hier! Aint nothing i wont do if i can see my baby smileRemember you can call me anytime you’re feelin down. It’s me and you forever, babe i need you in my life. The moment you’re in pain, i wanna be there for you. The one who i would cherish, and im puttin on my best. Startseite Beispiel-Unterseite Kontakt halifax current account free travel insurance assembly language programming pdf free download china radio international easy fm florence italy map of attractions always and forever lyrics deestylistics the host stephenie meyer summary chapter go burberry factory store london mob wives season 2 episode 14 preview got thermal compound on cpu pins harry potter characters pictures and names android specs comparison vegan split pea soup nutrition facts rail tickets basel paris cafe world cheat engine download for mac intestinal parasites in humans video oscar best actor wiki carnival online series yonkis humble pie recipe steel and pipes mayaguez puerto rico naughty or nice meter app for droid liaison officer jobs in hyderabad nike 6.


Just promise to me baby that you’ll never go away. Cryin everytime you cry and sharin laughter with you. Wanna be the one whose gon fight away all your tears. Never wanna hurt ya, never will i leave you alone.

Always And Forever lyrics

Until the day i die, ill try to give you the world. My baby and my closest friend, i love you baby girl. When I look into your eyes i kno our love is really true. So im a hold you tight, cause i need driopy by my babiixjsnii. One day we’re gonna look at our pictures and reminisce. Verse 3If loving you is wrong, than i dont want to be right.

I just wanted to let you know that. And i hope you kno i mean it everytime that i say.

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